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The ARBR system utilises a database of boats throughout the Asian region who participate in club events and regattas. By keeping all their details centrally it allows for any event or club to be able to mount an event and use the online registration within their own website so that owners only have to enter with their ARBR number and have all the details instantly submitted for registration. This saves the owners having to complete the same entry forms for each event and saves the event from having to print those forms or having to build a complex entry form on their own website.
The system also links directly with RORC IRC data so that IRC certificates can be cross referenced during registration to ensure authenticity and values. In addition there is lookup of past IRC certificate data to check past TCR values.   For more information on how the system is designed    click here   
For events that have non-IRC classes there is a   AsianRegattas Handicap System (ARHS)   that maintains measurement data for ARBR boats and holds a regional rating database so that boats can race together from one club or event to another with consistent handcaps.
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## Payment input being modified to account for missing c/f balances when entering payment- do not use until fully tested - est by end Oct
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Participants provide their contact details, including personal email and phone details with the understanding that such information is given in confidence for the sole purpose of this event. Therefore anyone with access to this information shall maintain such confidentiality. All data, including IRC & ARHS certificate data, entrants' data and associated contact details, and all personal and boat related information contained within these pages and reports is strictly confidential and shall only be used for this specific event and not distributed by any means or medium to any outside party.
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