AsianRegattas Handicap System

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AHRS is a database of current and past NON-IRC handicap ratings used for regattas and events around Asian region.
The aim is to make rating calculation and application more uniform throughout the region's events and regattas, so that those entrants without IRC certificates can race with better continuity.
For those boats with an existing ARBR entry ( as used for online registration for RMSIR for the past 6 years ) you can either enter the ARHS entry page via your existing ARBR boat details page, or direct from here using the same login number and (email) password.
If you do not already have an ARHS data page then one will be created automatically ready for you to enter measurments details...
The ARHS system is curretly ONLINE for boat measurment updates.
Please check your current data is correct and update if nessesary.
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To contact ARBR regarding using this system for an event please contact us